A US Visa Opens the Door to Opportunities!
A US Visa Opens the Door to Opportunities!
  • The United States welcomes immigrants from around the world.
  • Strong economic growth is creating millions of jobs in the USA.
  • America is a land of freedom and equal opportunity for all people.
  • Immigrants living in the USA have been successful in every sector of society.
  • The United States has the world’s best education system.
  • Most immigrants own a home and many start their own business.
  • There are US visas available for temporary and permanent residents.
  • Live and work in the USA for up to 1-5 years with a temporary work visa!
  • Move to America as a permanent resident with a US immigration visa!
  • US permanent residents have the option to apply for American citizenship.
Relocate to the United States for a better future!
Which US Visa Is Right for You?
  • US Immigration Visas

    The United States needs millions of workers and grants up to 140,000 Employment-Based US immigration visas and Green Cards each year to new Lawful Permanent Residents. An additional 55,000 Diversity Immigration Visas and Green Cards are issued annually through the DV-Lottery Program. Green Card holders enjoy many great benefits, such as living in the USA long-term, getting access to educational programs, being able to legally work in America, having an opportunity to start a business or buy a home, sponsoring family for a US visa, and the option to apply for American citizenship.

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  • Non-Immigrant US Visas

    Approximately 800,000 non-immigrant temporary US work visas are issued yearly to permit foreign workers and their family members to live in the United States for a specified length of time. How long a temporary US work visa is valid for can range from up to one year to five years and is based on the US visa category (for example, H-Visa, L-Visa, O-Visa, etc.) and other variables (such as the length of a US employment contract). Many temporary US work visas can also be renewed. A temporary foreign worker can normally choose where to live in America, but this will depend on where they find US job opportunities and if employer sponsorship is required.

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  • Our Services

    USA Visa Consultant is a private company that helps to make US immigration fast and affordable for thousands of clients around the world. Our team of professionals has the required knowledge and many years of experience necessary to evaluate your eligibility for relocation to the United States and to guide you in applying for your best US visa option. USA Visa Consultant has developed a US immigration profile assessment application that is easy for you to complete online and will allow our team of consultants to match your profile with the perfect US visa that is right for you. We also offer a variety of beneficial services at an affordable price to help make moving to America as easy as possible for you and your family.

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Why Choose USA Visa Consultant?
  • Why Choose USA Visa Consultant?

    USA Visa Consultant is a private company (not affiliated with the United States Government) that is dedicated to finding the best pathway for you to live and work in America. We provide our clients with quality services that are not offered on the free US government website. This starts with a personalized US visa assessment, based on a review of your details by our team of experienced professionals, to determine your eligibility to apply for a temporary and/or permanent resident visa to the USA. Once you know which US visa options you are eligible to apply for, our experts can walk you step-by-step through the application process. USA Visa Consultant makes US immigration fast and affordable by providing you with excellent customer service in several languages, giving you flexible options for secure payments, and offering other services to make relocation to the United States as smooth as possible for you and your family. Our company has helped thousands of clients to successfully navigate this process and we are ready to give you this same opportunity to move to America. To start the process, CLICK HERE!